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SHOPPERS KIT garage sale

Not all garage sale sellers are organized and prepared. You will find many sales are haphazardly thrown together and appear as if they have had little to no planning. To cover yourself and help ensure you have a pleasant shopping experience, you will need to be prepared. Below is a list of practical items to carry in your car when going to garage sales and yard sales. This simple and effective kit is easy to assemble, consists of common items, and will come in handy. Store smaller items in a zip-lock bag and place everything in a box to keep them together and organized. Carry your supplies with you and you will always be ready!

____ Bags - To package and carry items, in case the seller doesn't have any.

____ Binoculars - For reading small sale signs from a distance.

____ Blanket - To protect large purchases from damage.

____ Box - Keep your finds together in the car, easy to unload when you get home.

____ Bubble Wrap - To wrap and protect fragile items.

____ Change - Plenty of change and small bills to pay for purchases.

____ Extension Cord - Check electrical items before buying to ensure they work.

____ Hand Cleaner - Clean your hands with wet naps or hand sanitizer gel if needed.

____ Jeweler's Loupe - Check markings on jewelry and small items.

____ Magnifying Glass - Check for damage, marks, and read small print.

____ Map - For navigating your way to the sale sites.

____ Newspapers - To wrap and protect fragile items.

____ Pen and Paper - For jotting down names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

____ Rope - To tie down large items for transport.

____ Screwdriver - You may need to take something apart to fit it in your vehicle.

____ Sizes List - Beds, clothing (all family members), floor space, shoes, windows, etc.

____ Swatches - For matching up to your decor.

____ Tape Measure - To measure furniture sizes, curtains, etc.

____ Tarp - To protect items from rain while transporting.

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