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AFTER THE SALE garage sale

If your garage sale is like most, you will have a few to several items remaining once your sale ends. This FREE checklist offers some pointers on what to do with the leftovers. Also has some reminders of other tasks that need attention.

____ Segregate leftovers into keep, give-away, or toss.

____ Repack and store unsold items you want to keep for future sales. Label box "garage sale items".

____ Donate leftover unwanted items to charity. Be sure to get a receipt, it is a good and legal tax deduction for you!

____ Throwaway items that have no further use.

____ Take down tables, stack, store, or return if borrowed or rented.

____ Take down your 3x5 cards, flyer's, banners, and signs. Store for future sale.

____ Remove your balloons and streamers. Store for future sale.

____ Recycle leftover boxes and packing materials.

____ Tally your money (be sure to subtract your starting cash).

____ Pay any others for consignment items sold.

____ Smile! You cleaned your household of unwanted items, made some money, and made someone else's day. A great win-win for all.

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