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PACKING garage sale

Effectively preparing your garage sale shoppers purchases for departure can be an art. You want to ensure their items make it home in one piece. When bagging or boxing the shoppers' items, place heavier items in the bottom and light and fragile items on top. Just like grocery shopping you don't place your eggs in the bottom of the sack or canned goods on top of your bread. Here are some packing materials you may use.

Bags - Have plenty of paper or plastic grocery bags on hand to bag your buyers' bargains. It is a good idea to double bag most items in case there are holes in the bag or items are heavy. I save and use the plastic bags from the grocery store. They are just the right size, usually have handles, and they don't cost anything extra. Again, maximize your profits.

Boxes - For large or multiple purchases you can use a box for packing. Utilize the boxes you originally separated your items in. You won't need all of them at the end of the sale because you won't have as many items left as you started with. You can store the boxes under the display tables until needed.

Bubble Wrap - You can use bubble wrap to wrap fragile items.

Newspapers - You will need a stack of old newspapers to wrap fragile items. Be sure and wrap all breakable items before placing them in the buyer's bag or box.

Tape, Masking - A roll of masking tape comes in handy for securing items wrapped in newspaper or bubble wrap.

Tape, Scotch - A roll of scotch tape can be used to tape lids onto teapots, candy dishes, and anything that is breakable or has a removable part or lid. This will keep the pieces together and in the event someone picks up the item, the lid won't fall off and break.

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